Jinnah’s programme for social media activists

Social media might not have been around at that time but the advice Jinnah offered to his young followers in the heyday of the Pakistan movement is still relevant. The following is what he said at a session of the Punjab Muslim Students Federation on 2 March 1941.

Here is the programme for you. Do not speak merely in a language – what should I say – of bravado or arrogance, because I am convinced that we have no need to talk in that language, and we have no need to talk in a language of threats.

Why? Because, to begin with, our cause is honest, just and a right one. This is the first reason.

The second reason is that those who are strong, and those who have acquired self-confidence and self-reliance, they do not need to indulge in unnecessary threats and arrogant language.

Let us, therefore, try as far as possible to reason and to persuade our opponents. Of course, I know that our reasoning and all our persuasion does not always succeed, but we must make every possible effort.

Let us not create unnecessary bitterness against those who are at present the opponents of this Pakistan Lahore resolution. Why should we!

I am confident that those very opponents of ours will realize that this is the only solution and the best solution of India’s most complex problem for which there is no parallel in the world.

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